President’s Message


Dear friends, customers, business partners, suppliers and employees,

Our success story band with a small pita bread bakery established by our elder, our father, Hasan Özmermer back in 1952.  After operating in the field of bakery products for many years and being the pioneer of the industry, with the belief in the early 1990s that we can produce a better quality flour, the raw material of bread, we established our flour factory in 1994.

We became a brand in the flour production sector in a very short period of time, believing, working and adhering to business ethics. Now, we are continuing on our path with the same belief and perseverance of our founder, whose dreams were far beyond his possibilities, Hasan Özmermer.We have always valued the happiness of our customers, business partners and employees. We carry out production that respects nature with our investments made in modern technologies. We are continuing our domestic success abroad without compromising our quality. We are proud of representing our country and Gaziantep in the very best possible way.

We would like to thank our family members, employees, business partners and suppliers, and our customers who have chosen us in particular, for carrying us forward to the present day. I salute you all with the hope that we will make many more great achievements together.

Chairman of the Board of Directors